LED Lighting Retrofit



High Efficiency LED Lighting, for your business.

With energy consumption constantly on the rise, now more than ever, being efficient with the energy you use is just as important as the rate you pay. With our LED Lighting Retrofit program, you can easily reduce your businesses energy consumption with no effect on your day to day operations. A program that will increase your bottom line for years to come!

With our customized, turn-key LED Retrofit program that is tailored to your specific requirements, we will help your business reduce overall energy consumption by cutting lighting expenses approximately 75% on average, according to the United States Department of Energy. Aequitas understands that the best LED offers available should be investigated. That is why Aequitas does all the heavy-lifting and is supplier/manufacturer agnostic in its approach to deliver the very best in quality, installation and ongoing LED Lighting Retrofit service.


Best of Both Worlds

When you Combine our LED retrofit solution with retail electricity supply you have the “one-two-punch” your business needs to reduce energy expenditure, drive savings to the bottom line and leave less of a carbon footprint for future generations.

Upgrade your lighting and see improvements in:

  • workplace productivity
  • tenant comfort
  • reduction in energy expenditure
  • a significant reduction in your carbon footprint


Get Started Today!

Aequitas offers many ways to finance your LED Lighting Retrofit solution. Which path you choose is dictated by what’s best for your business. Our energy efficiency advisors are standing by to make the process easy and rapid, one you’ll be excited to share!